roof top cleaningMaster’s Touch, is a member of the Oregon Chimney Sweep Guild. We have very thorough chimney cleaning procedures, and we guarantee no mess. If you have an open faced fireplace, we will clean it from the bottom up. We clean out the firebox, damper, smoke shelf, smoke chamber, and we brush and vacuum the flue all the way to the top. We conduct a safety inspection, and if there are any areas of concern we bring these to your attention.

We clean wood stoves and inserts as well. Wood stoves and lined inserts are cleaned from the bottom up. We clean out the stove and brush and vacuum the pipe all the way to the top. We will occasionally have to finish from the top, depending on the design of the stove.

chimneyworkingWe offer chimney caps that are stainless steel and carry a lifetime guarantee. If you would like a quote, we will get the chimney top measurements and give you a quote. The price always includes installation. Chimney caps protect your chimney from water damage by keeping rain out of the flue. Our caps also have a spark arrester that keeps sparks from flying out of the flue and landing on your roof. Chimney caps also prevent birds from entering the chimney flue and building nests, and they also keep leaves and other debris from falling into the flue.

We also offer additional chimney maintenance and chimney repairs. We do chimney rebuilds, chimney liners, tuck pointing, water sealing, moss removal, and pressure washing. Please contact us, and we will be happy to schedule a chimney inspection for any of these services.



creosote fire

Buildup of chimney flu deposits can result in chimney fires, which account for more than 25,000
residential fires every year since 2003 (source: